To properly understand the Crescent Lands, one must understand the great forces which shape its destiny. No country has had more influence on the Crescent Lands than Aereolus. Not only is Aereolus the trade engine of the Crescent Lands (both within the Lands and to the SouthLands), but its founders were the triumphant armies in the Human-Wyrme wars (3423 PBD).

Until the Plague, Aereolus had a population of at least 2 million. Its major cities are: Aereolus (the Capital), Benges, Ford, and Spirewall. Estimates of the present population for the country of Aereolus range from 1 to 1.5 million.

Aereolus is the wealthiest country in the Crescent Lands. It is the major builder of seagoing vessels, has large expanses of arable land, and mines lead, nickel, iron, silver, tin, copper, soapstone, marble, granite, limestone etc, and farms grains, vegetables, etc.. It is renowned for the quality of its horses (bred in the great farms between Benges and Spirewall).

By dint of a well maintained and patrolled system of roads, travel is safe and easy throughout the country of Aereolus. Recently, the dwarves of Monarch of the Mines have installed stone gullies which allow their Fire Chariots to race to the major cities in this country. At the present, only the truly wealthy can afford these demonic contrivances.

A recent, and major source of Aereolus wealth, is the discovery by Aereolan explorers of the teeming SouthLands. By virtue of capitalizing on its discovery, the experience of its deep water merchant fleets, and the supremacy of its navy, Aereolus has a virtual monopoly on all trade to the SouthLands, except for the occasional privateer. Its trade with the SouthLands gives Aereolus a stranglehold on the importation of spices (pepper, nutmeg, paprika, cinnamon, curries, black and white lotus), vegetable dyes for clothing, silks, precious woods, chocolate, silver, gold, song birds, and the beverages cha and cafe.

As might be gathered, Aereolus not only has the dominant merchant fleet in the known world (until the recent civil war, the Serranthro M'lethet was beginning to challenge Aereolus' mercantile might), but its naval fleet is supreme, not only in numbers, but experience and training. Its shipyards are of similar high quality. In fact, many foreign merchant princes will not purchase a vessel unless it has the imprint of the city of Aereolus or Benges shipwrights guild on its hull.

Aereolus is also known for both the extreme mediocrity of its foot soldiers and the quality of its light and medium cavalry.

The country of Aereolus is ruled by a hereditary monarchy from the Hexagon Castle, three miles east of the walled city Aereolus. Until last year, when the plague wrested the Bear from the Risen Throne, he had ruled for the past thirty two years (since the death of his father). The Bear was fifty eight when he perished. His daughter, Shiar'n Fahr, was recently crowned the fifty second regent at the Hexagon Castle. At the time of her ascension to the Risen Throne, she was twenty six. She is referred to, privately by her subjects as the Cub of Aereolus. Though the royal family worships the minor aspect of Clovis, Eheral Wyrme Bane (the deified general of the human forces in the war against the Wyrmes), the royal line does not impose its religious beliefs on the folk of Aereolus.

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